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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 7, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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heather: we'll see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today harris faulkner, sandra smith, kirsten powers and editor in chief of, eric erickson, and he is outnumbered. >> happy friday. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> we're glad to have you here for all our expertise. >> glad to be here. >> are you really? [laughter] >> i'm really glad. i've got my daughter here. >> she's in our audience. >> about to go bankrupt at toys r us. [laughter] >> good for you. >> and fao schwartz. >> she's got a list, museums, fabric stores and toy stores.
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>> typical woman, knows what she wants. all right, so can these guys get along? president obama gets set to welcome congressional leaders from both parties to the white house today for a power lunch in about 40 minutes. the first time the president is meeting with lawmakers since the democrats' drubbing on tuesday. among the leaders for today's lunch, the top four from both parties; nancy pelosi, harry reid, john boehner and mitch mcconnell. but it remains to be seen whether we will see any sign that both sides can end washington's dysfunction especially after a defiant president obama said after tuesday's bruising result that he will go at it alone if congress won't act on immigration. those remarks stirring a lot of blowback from the republicans' top leaders, senator mcconnell and speaker boehner. so this lunch date ought to be very interesting. i'm fascinated about what they're going to eat, i always am. [laughter] maybe just because i'm hungry all the time. do you think this is more than a
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photo op? eric, it seems like a joke to me. >> yeah, i think it is. the white house doesn't want to admit to the word drubbing, largely because the press wants them so badly to use the word. i don't think they're going to accomplish anything. remember, the president after 2008, they had the big meeting, and the president said, i won. i think the republicans want to sit in the white house today and say we won x that'll be about it. >> we saw they were drubbed -- >> right. >> in 2010. >> yes. >> and he didn't change -- in no. >> -- anything about how he worked with the republicans. >> if you compare clinton and bush, there was a conciliatory tone, bush famously replaced rumsfeld the next day, i don't think we're going to see that, and he doesn't think that he was repudiated by the voters, in fact, he thinks if democrats had been a little more forceful defending him, nothing would have changed. >> kirsten, i've suggested republicans should just pass a secure our border now bill, get it through the house and senate,
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force democrats to vote for this and send it to the president's desk to put him on defense. >> right. >> what do you think about that? >> i definitely think the republicans should start doing things. they can't wait around for the president to decide to work with them, and i think that the president is, obviously, open to doing something on immigration. i don't think that would probably be his first choice. >> no, i don't either. >> but i do think eric's right, that the president clearly thinks this election was not about him. he thinks that because he wasn't asked to go out and make the case and make his case and defend himself, that he's not the one who lost. >> do you really believe that? >> absolutely. and he thinks if they had used him more -- he thinks if it's like you had a football game and you didn't play him, i wasn't in the game, you asked me to hang back, i hung back. >> do you think democrats believe that though? >> no. >> only president obama in his own mind. >> right. >> it's really interesting to
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that point, michelle nunn got ahead of david perdue in the polling, until president obama showed up in atlanta, people who were sitting on the saidlines or voting libertarian -- sidelines or voting libertarian went to david perdue. >> it reminds me of al gore and bill clinton. al gore kind of stepped away from the president, and everyone said you're going to need his juice to get through, but he thought he could do it on his own. >> in this case, i think, obama wasn't going to help. in that case clinton definitely would have helped n my opinion. the president thinks that he could have been made the case -- >> do you think he could have? >> no, i don't. and i think this is something that he believes about himself. he believes that he has this ability to persuade people. >> he believes his own hype. >> and i think the facts on the ground would have outweighed what he was saying. but, you know, his attitude was i wasn't in there, it's not my fault, it's your fault. >> yesterday we heard president obama say he wants to work with republicans, but then out of the
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other side of his mouth he drove a wedge right between them talking about amnesty, and he said if the white house doesn't get a bill he can sign in seven weeks, he'll use executive order. john boehner, the speaker, responded to that yesterday and said that would poison the well. take a listen. >> you've all heard me say starting two years ago yesterday that our immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed. but i've made clear to the president that if he acts unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he will poison the well, and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. it's as simple as that. >> do you think it will poison the well and hurt him? >> well, listen, we got immediate reaction to that. senator mccain responded immediately saying that this would be a devastating blow if the president was to go at this alone. mitch mcconnell responded saying this would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull. so, hey, those thoughts are out there. but john boehner's attitude
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going into this meeting, i think, was the epitome of optimism and what i and certainly the business community wants to see. he went in, he said, andrea, he goes, hey, that's just one of the things on the list that i want to talk about. i want to talk about tax reform, energy policy, education reform. let's get to work. i think that's the tone everybody wants to hear coming out of this meeting. >> whether or not they actually want him to do anything. >> well, and i thought it was interesting, too, we played a little bit of what speaker boehner said, but he went on to say when you play with matches, you take the of burning yourself. it's almost like he's giving him a little bit of advice saying he's going to burn himself -- >> but that's assuming that president obama cares what people think and what the public thinks, and i think he's proven time and again, eric, that he doesn't really care, he doesn't care about the constitution. and while i think politically he would feel some heat -- and i'm just being honest -- i think you're going to have some pointy-nosed harvard lawyers arguing whether this is
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constitutional, and he'll get away with it. >> even "the washington post" editorial board before the election said he can't go it alone constitutionally. whether or not he does can remains to be seen. >> all right, defeat? what defeat? some democrats are refusing to admit republicans had a wave that washed over them in the midterm, but the numbers on the new political landscape speak for themselves. in the senate the republicans sweeping together in battleground states across the country, winning control of 52 seats. and then there's the house. the gop now has 242 seats, build ing on their previous majority. still, the white house is turning those losses on their head. here's press secretary josh earnest taking a look at the brighter side of the electoral beating. >> the good news, though, is that the deck has been reshuffled. there's now a republican majority in the senate, there's a republican majority in the house, and you could understand how this might change the political calculation that republicans make.
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maybe they now see that it would be in their own personal political interest to try to find some common ground with president. >> you know, kirsten, when i heard that i thought they don't think that they did anything wrong, so why would they think there's an onus on them being in the white house to work with republicans if they don't believe they have any fault? >> well, yeah, i don't think that they -- first of all, i actually don't agree with what you said before. i do think the president cares about his legacy, so in that sense i do think he cares what people think, and in that sense he has an onus to try to work with the republicans. but i think what josh earnest said was right also. i mean, i think that the republicans can no longer point to, you know, the senate for holding things up or, you know, it's now all on them. and so they're going to have to figure out how to work together. and as you know, the house and the senate are very different. we're not talking about two groups of people who are necessarily thinking about things the same way. so they're going to have to show that they can work together and get stuff done as well. >> and you brought this end
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yesterday, sandra, the president dealing with a very liberal caucus right now. a lot of the members that were unseated and called on tuesday night were moderates. so his mandate's coming from a very far-left party to use that executive pen and do something. >> right. >> so this topic, i think, is the clearest picture to me that the president doesn't think that this is his fault. i compare it to myself. andrea, you know i'm an uber-competitive potential -- >> you, sandra? no way! [laughter] >> when i was running the 1500 meters down on the track at lsu, if i lost, you know, i shook their hand and i moved on. i didn't have my race that day. but if i truly thought i was going to win that race and i was set to win that race and i didn't, then i thought it wasn't my fault. it was something wrong with the track, something wrong with the time of day that i ran, it was something out of my control. and i kind of see this as a similar parallel finishing that illustrates the picture for you.
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the president really doesn't think this is his fault, and democrats don't think he did anything wrong. >> so, harris, he won't be eating his words today. >> by the way, it's in the old family dining room, which i've heard the menus can be quite tasty. [laughter] >> congressman steve israel of new york has turned down house minority leader nancy pelosi's offer to chair the democratic congressional campaign committee because he wants to become, if he can, part of the leadership within the house. which i think is interesting, because it really speaks to the issue. part of leadership is to admit when you're wrong. so if the president is kind of stepping away from that respondent, we may see some new faces come up through the ranks and take leadership both in the house and senate for democrats as we move forward. >> you know, isn't in the problem with washington overall? the republicans got their drubbing in 2006, and they're bringing back at leaders the exact same people who got thrown out in 2006. the democrats got a drubbing in 2010 and 2014, and they're going to keep their same leaders.
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i mean, if you keep doing the same thing over and over, that's the dein addition -- definition of crazy. >> and isn't that why the public's so dissatisfied? >> they should be. >> they're not getting any change. >> i had an interesting tweet this morning that said i hope you remind everybody what happened on tuesday, and that was that we voted for people to leave and for new people to come in. and so to the republicans, this person said, don't get too comfortable. this could be a bipartisan drubbing, to use that word, next time if we don't see some results. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> it was a series of tweets. [laughter] >> i think we -- [laughter] >> the v.a. scandal, right? we saw the irs scandal, so many failures, benghazi. they didn't admit wrongdoing then, so i don't think anyone's really surprised this time around they're going to have some man in the mirror moment at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. all right, turning an arch enemy into a friend.
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president obama reportedly reaching out to iran to find common ground in the war against isis. but will a secret back door channel backfire? plus, democrats apparently deserting mary landrieu by pulling ads from tv ahead of her runoff. but is letting her twist in the wind the right thing too?
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comcast business. built for business. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching "outnumbered," and we are glad you're with us on this friday. how about this to open up new channels of communication to an old enemy? president obama has reportedly sent a secret letter, it happened last month, to iran's supreme leader, ayatollah that mainny. of course, this is the man who really calls the shots there. the let arer discusses how the u.s. and iran share a common interest in facing isis. at the same time, that letter reportedly stresses that any cooperation would only happen if iran reaches a deal over its nuclear program. the deadline set for that is fast approaching, it's on november 24th. so far the white house will not confirm or deny the letter, but republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham are blasting the administration
9:17 am
saying, quote: this is the same iranian regime that has been complicit in the rise of isis by pushing a violent sectarian agenda throughout the middle east. the administration needs to understand that this iranian regime cares more about trying to weaken america and push us out of the middle east than cooperating with us, end quote. eric, if this letter is true -- whether the white house will say, obviously, hasn't happened yet, but if it's out there, if there's proof of it -- what does it tell you? >> the administration is flailing about for an additional strategy to fight isis, trying to work with iran on isis. the enemy of our enemy is our friend. that may to some degree be junior league diplomacy, but i don't think it's going to work. the iranians just stoned to death a woman who fought off her rapist. they're not exactly reasonable by western standards. i think the administration makes a dangerous mistake by thinking everyone else is just like us, and they're not. >> yeah.
9:18 am
kirsten, this would be explosive for this white house. >> well, i don't think there's actually anything wrong with what they did. i think -- >> you don't? >> no. >> then why won't the white house con firm or deny the report? >> first of all, even the way it's being described as a secret letter, the president's allowed to interact with foreign leaders without releasing the letter. let me finish what i want to say. >> i didn't say anything. >> you're getting ready. [laughter] and i think, look, we have worked in the past with very bad people. we were with, you know, iraq against iran and fully onboard with iraq when iraq was, you know, saddam hussein was, obviously, a horrible person who we later invaded his country. so we have in the past worked with bad people when we need to, and i think that iran has been fighting isis. actually, the -- what mccain and lindsey said doesn't make sense. they have gone into iraq to fight isis. they've been the boots on the
9:19 am
ground. so for us to coordinate on something where we have agreement, you know -- >> but would it be okay if they went behind lawmakers' back, the administration -- >> i don't think he has to have approval to send a letter to iran. i mean, that doesn't -- >> beyond a letter. >> okay. let's now get their responses because just now national security adviser susan rice has spoken up. let's watch. >> with respect to potential presidential correspondence, i think you know that i'm not going to comment on any private communication between the president and any world leader. but i will say this: first of all, as i've said repeatedly in prick and others have to be -- in public and others have to, we are in no way engaged in military coordination on countering isil. >> we won't tell you if there's a letter, but we're not really talking to them about this. >> is confirming this is allegedly the fourth letter that the president has sent, even though they're not
9:20 am
confirming it. so he's done the dear ayatollah, love barack letter before. i think it's misguided for the united states of america to try to align with isis. what does it say about the president that he's reaching out to iran for help defeating isis? we need -- >> let me finish. >> clear deal with them? >> i think it's very naive for them to reach out and think that somehow we need them to defeat isis. also i have said before, and i agree with cur ten, we have -- kirsten, we have partnered with bad men before. unlike bashar assad who i've said we should think about working with, assad is a thug from that region. iran's very different. they have killed american soldiers. unlike assad, they're a regional threat that has international nuclear ambitions. not only kiming american soldiers -- killing american soldiers, they are one of our gravest enemies. >> we have a long history with them. >> i grew up in the middle east in dubai, and more than once iranian-backed terrorists tried to blow up my american school.
9:21 am
they're not rational actors in the sense that we think of. and the reason that we were willing to balance iraq against iran in the 1980s is because iran was trying to take over iraq because of the large shia community and expand their platform. if we work with iran to contain isis, the only reason iran would want to work with us is to be able to further ip filtrate iraq -- infiltrate which they've been doing and expand their power in iraq and expand the region. that's going to destabilize saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, kuwait and others. >> we're not going to get a deal either. it's naive -- >> if that's -- i want to give kirsten the chance to have the last word on this. if that's really president obama's end game, is this how you go about it? >> they're saying they haven't directly spoken to iran, that they speak to iraq -- >> about combining the military. >> yeah. and since iraq and iran have a relationship thanks to us mostly, and i think that, i think what they're trying to do
9:22 am
is just to make sure that we do in this place, in this instance have a common enemy and that we are able to fight that common enemy without, you know, interfering with each other. >> i go back to what sandra said though, why not just say you sent the letter? why do you have to -- i don't know. we'll see. okay. democrats canceling planned tv ads to help mary landrieu win her december 6th runoff. they say, she's got this. she doesn't need help to win. but the is this now the time to bail on a woman running for office? also, new drama on the final day of the hearing to decide if ray rice will play in the nfl again. the ravens' general manager testifying under oath that he heard the former baltimore running back tell nfl commissioner roger goodell that he hit his then-fiancee. hmm, what now? ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." it looks like democrats are bailing on mary landrieu. a nearly $2 million ad buy for the louisiana senator was just canceled ahead of her december 6th runoff against her republican opponent. a spokesman for the democratic senatorial campaign committee is saying they'll review spending decisions on a weekly basis. okay. [laughter] not buying it. but some are questioning this ad cancellation despite the midterms being one of historic gains for women, only four were elected or reelect today senate of the 14 who ran. if landrieu wins, that number would go up to five. and right now there are 79 women in the house depending on how things play out on races that are still too close to call, there could be at least 81 women in the house next year, at most 84. there are still many more men than women in congress, and some say women need all the support they can get.
9:28 am
what do you think? is this a war on women? [laughter] >> i think the war on coal outplaced the war on women this year. i don't understand why someone should be supported because of their gender as opposed to their positions in either place. >> thank you. >> if men and women are equal, look at what they stand for as opposed to who they are. >> but sandra, isn't it an issue where we'll probably end up with roughly the same amount of women in the senate, around 20, and yet we're 50/50, in, you know, a few more percentage points of women in this country, yet we're only -- >> we're a majority actually. >> yeah. >> i look at joni ernst and mia love, and i think there were great strides made for women, and, you know, when asked about it, particularly mia love responded i don't like to think about it like that. people sloteed for me and my -- voted for me and my values and beliefs. i think to talk about we need more women in congress, it's just -- it voids the issue.
9:29 am
>> really? i just feel like -- >> you are the party that has said that the other party declared war on women, and you have a candidate who was in a race with nine people. so you pretty much statistically could have guessed nobody was going to get 50% in louisiana that one candidate in order to really win outright needed 50%. so we kind of, sort of knew this might be headed toward a runoff anyway to be decided in december. you would think that they would have laid back some cash on that for her -- [inaudible conversations] >> a layaway plan or something. i'm just simply saying that when you -- [inaudible] the other side against women and then they pick up seats, you know, who are women, and i always hear them saying it's based on merit, but we account no gross over the fact that it helps change the fabric of things -- >> preach on. [laughter] >> those republican women. andrea's telling me to preach on. but when you are the party that says they've declared a war on
9:30 am
women, how can you not support a woman? how can you not giver her cash? >> well, you're going to lose. >> and badly. >> back the horses that win, right? >> yeah, you do. >> that's exactly what you do. >> i was actually just going to say, kirsten, eric while he just mentioned he grew up in dubai is a baton rouge boy, born and raised. >> go, tigers. >> your take on landrieu. >> she's a terrible candidate. she has her family name, landrieu, that has kept her in office. her brother is now the mayor of new orleans. karl rove ran a brilliant ad in louisiana. the mayor of washington saying mary landrieu is the best senator for washington, d.c., and they've run that ad over and over. she doesn't even live in louisiana. i think she -- >> they're not going to throw money, good money after bad. she's not going to lose, so the democratic party's smart. they're not going to waste money on a losing candidate. >> you don't think that's hypocritical? >> i do agree with you, sandra,
9:31 am
it's why i'm a republican. i don't like to put people into boxes, she's a woman, so we should support her. but the reason i was saying preach on, harris faulkner, is because the democrats have declared a war on women, so we have to spike the football and say, check it out, look at all these women. we have to do it. >> knows no bounds when the groups that say republicans declare a war on women oppose joni ernst against a guy, opposed mia love against a guy, somehow these men will be better in the world women than these women because they're republican. >> right. but that's the argument. their argument is that only democrats can stand up for women. but i just am surprised that you guys don't think that it matters that in this day and age we only have 20 women senators. >> absolutely, it matters. >> 80 men. i think there's something wrong with that. i would like to see more women -- >> i agree. >> i would, too, but -- >> change on tuesday, you know? >> kirsten's surprised at all of
9:32 am
us. [laughter] shocked and horrified. >> all right, more questions surrounding how much the nfl knew about the ray rice domestic abuse case and when in what was the last day of the hearing in rice's appeal of his indefinition suspension. sources tell esp, in the the ravens' general manager testified that he heard rice tell nfl commissioner roger goodell that he hilt his then-fiancee in a casino elevator. this contradicts goodell's previous comments that what he was told was ambiguous to. this could be critical information because the ravens' rubbing back was originally -- running back was originally suspended two days but given a harsher penalty when that elevator video surfaced. certainly, this could have an impact on his appeal. >> i'm wondering why it's not having an impact on why roger goodell is still in charge of the nfl? you didn't need the videotape evidence to know what happened in that elevator, and now we know, apparently, that he told
9:33 am
goodell what happened in the elevator before the video came out. i'm more interested in this point about why goodell is there than anything about ray rice. >> and you know why that is? now we're forced to figure out who's lying; the guy who's accused of beating his then-fiancee or the guy leading a multibillion dollar franchise. one of them's not telling the truth. two things can't be true. >> this is the second source because we know from ray rice, he came out and said i told the nxl, i told good -- nfl, i told goodell what happened in that elevator. so now you have two people saying goodell knew, he lied. but, again, we're focusing on the cover-up which is important, but the crime is the most important thing, and someone on twitter brought this up. i'm just going to throw it out there, i'm not taking an opinion. they said: if one of us were to get in an incident in atlantic city, is it our boss' job to punish us for what happened in that elevator? i'm just throwing it out there.
9:34 am
>> well, it's probably our boss' job to decide whether or not that breaks any sort of standard of conduct, and most of us are under contract so, yeah. in this instance it would be. so that's a little bit different than a player who night not or -- >> but do we want bosses regulating people's personal lives? >> if you sign the paper -- >> representative of an organization as well. i think it changes a lot as well versus somebody who is a low level employee who maybe the public doesn't associate with that company. that might be different. but once you're a public face, i do think that it's reasonable. >> but bottom line the question becomes, you know, did the nfl know everything before this video became public? >> it's looking more and more like they knew what happened. >> do we really believe that the nfl -- >> a lot of cameras do. >> didn't know? yeah. >> experts at reviewing videos. >> and why this matters is because, look, ray rice is going to play again. >> oh, yeah. >> if roger goodell knew and he
9:35 am
gave him a two-day or a two-game suspension and then after all the backlash happened -- >> right. >> and then it looked like, oh, maybe i better give him a harsher punishment -- >> broadly speaking, do you see this damaging the nfl's future? >> it's not going to damage the future, but it's one of the sustained hits the nfl are leveling. i think it's one strawen top of the camel's back. when does the back break? probably not with this. >> one thing i've heard app drink ya say time and time again, where is our court system on this? >> i mean, the courts failed. there was plenty of evidence there, and that prosecutor in atlanta county dropped the ball on it, and it's probably an excuse for goodell to say, well, they didn't prosecute him, so why would they do anything? >> there's an overarching issue here. the nfl has been under sustained negative press for the head injuries, everything else. who in the prd., roger goodell is saying, you know, we've already got all of these people out to get us, to undermine the
9:36 am
nfl for whatever reason, shouldn't we play this safer than we have? >> handle this situation -- >> they're going to have to now. >> all right. well, the jobs picture is improving, i guess we could say that word, but americans are still feeling a bit glum about the overall economy. why the disconnect? plus, some suggestions hillary clinton might actually benefit from the democratic drubbing in the midterms. the reason why and whether it's merely wishful thinking. ♪ ♪ you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> a rising tide in the jobs market is failing to lift the mood of americans. the labor department releasing new numbers for october showing the unemployment rate ticking down to 5.8%. that's the lowest number over six years, sandra. and employers added -- [laughter] she's getting -- [laughter] >> ready now, boy. >> she just sat up. >> marking another solid month,
9:41 am
another month of solid growth. meanwhile, this sense of economic anxiety is widespread. 70% of americans think current conditions are either not good or poor according to fox news exit polls. and a big majority holds out little hope for the future. our exit polls also showing 77% are at least somewhat worried about the direction of the economy in the next year. so, sandra -- >> i'm ready. >> you're ready. [laughter] you're ready to pooh-pooh all over these numbers, right? >> no, actually, i'm not going to. it is improvement, and i think that's the word we used in the tease. 214,000 jobs added. guess what though? most economists agree that we need to see about 250,000 jobs added every month just to keep pace with the population growth. >> uh-huh. >> okay? so we're not going anywhere. in fact, it's really not anywhere near what we need to see to see things improve. but the problem with the unemployment rate, you just
9:42 am
cited it dropped to 5.8%, yet everybody doesn't feel great about the economy. why is that? the headline unemployment rate that you see on the front of the newspaper the next day, it doesn't take into consideration the hidden unemployment out there. and that's the people who have given up looking for job ises, people who are in part-type jobs that want -- part-time jobs that want full-time jobs. and that's creating a very difficult economic environment and why people don't feel good. >> what about the trajectory though? if you look back, this is the best it's been since july of 2008. doesn't this suggest at least we're on the right trajectory? >> again, you're using the headline unemployment rate which the president is very quick to point out has cropped significantly over the past -- dropped significantly over the past year. has it? yes. is that indicative of the overall economy and the jobs market in the united states right now? many are questioning that. >> if you were making 35 sures sures -- 35 hours a week, you'r.
9:43 am
i saw a statisticking this morning the number of people bartending and waitressing in this country is about to cross the number of manufacturing jobs. >> you'll find down that a full-time worker is 6-11% of those people who have multiple jobs to make a full-time salary. so that's a bug chunk of the number really. >> and wee see more -- we see more people having to get multiple part-time jobs because of obamacare and the hourly him if you have -- >> from the employers' perspective, right. >> right. so a lot of people are getting multiple part-time jobs. i think if these numbers would have come out in 2010 and 2011, people would have rejoiced from the rooftops, but i think now they're not bad number, they're not great numbers, they're so-so numbers. and even paul krugman wrote a column a couple years ago saying this administration needs jobs upwards of 300,000 a month. you factor that in, people with
9:44 am
master's degrees doing lower-level jobs, people just don't get the sense they can find a good job. >> you're trying to raise a family. you want some sort of stability so when you have a schedule that's all over the place because you're working two and three jobs, the way you feel about your life is not what it could be. i mean, that's why it doesn't come -- keep up. >> i was talking to someone who's very smart, and he was saying the problems with the democrats, they've been too focused on fairness and not enough on economic growth. so it's just been all about the income inequality and fairness which i think is an important issue, but most people are much more concerned with what are you going to do to grow jobs. >> students, college students are graduating with an average of $30,000 in debt, out of college, they're not buying homes until they're at least 30-plus years old, and then the dollars that they are earning isn't going as far. wages are pretty much stagnant.
9:45 am
so, you know, that unemployment rate, it needs to be questioned. >> one group that's missed out completely, young black men aren't finding the jobs everyone else are. >> youth in general. >> and immigration would only make that worse. >> all right. we don't have a lot of time -- [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> right here with 15 minutes left in our show. god, i love her. her eagerness. [laughter] some eager business people are trying to cash in on the ebola crisis. we can't make this up. they're selling products like ebola dietary supplements, ebola web domains and even ebola plush toys. a live report on bizarre developments like this coming up. and it's looking like victoria's secret caved into the pressure to change its, quote-unquote, perfect body ad campaign. what the company's now doing and why critics are saying the new move is still not enough. ♪ ♪
9:46 am
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9:50 am
harris? [laughter] >> she's always like this. jon: all right. president obama meeting with his cabinet this morning and then talking about this morning's jobs report showing the unemployment rate fell to 5.8%. president called it the strongest job growth we have seen since the 1990s. all that ahead of the big power lunch underway right now at the white house. we are awaiting comments from that bipartisan meeting with 16 congressional leaders on the way forward after the decisive midterm win by republicans. i think it's down to 13 lead,. there were -- leaders, there were a few that couldn't make it. susan rice making comments from the white house this morning denying reports the u.s. is engaged in some sort of military cooperation with iran against isis. we'll have more on "happening now" at the top of the hour. we're about ten minutes away. >> now, you know why i'm so excited -- jon: why, because it's trade? >> birth day boy.
9:51 am
birthday boy. ♪ happy birthday, dear johnny, happy birthday to you. jon: thank you. >> i'll save you all from singing. i may be outnumbered, but now it's my turn with the story. last week we told you about victoria's secret's new ad campaign featuring the words the perfect body emblazoned over the bodies of several skinny and toned models who look nothing like me. critics say the ad promotes negative body image, they quietly changed the slogan on its web site. it still features the same near-naked model but now say "a body for everybody." some critics say it's still not enough. notice they give it to the white guy who probably isn't toned to lead this topic. >> honestly, if you're going to launch an ad campaign based on the perfect body, own it. >> yes. >> i thought it was kind of wussy that they gave in and changed it. >> i thought it was odd. if we pop that back up, is that
9:52 am
an offer? a body for everybody? it could be an active phrase. >> yeah, maybe so. >> i think it's odd. why not just apologize and move on? >> why do we get upset in the first place about this? it would be like getting upset if they showed a picture of a bunch of football players that they look like they're in really great shape. i mean, yeah, they're football players. these are models, they're underwear models, they have great bodies. >> it seems like there's a society out there that just wants to get outraged about everything. [laughter] >> this is part of that society. >> yeah. >> i think this is so ridiculous. i agree with sandra, they never should have changed their original ad. if you look at this ad, it may contribute to negative body issues. okay. so this was the straw that broke the camel's back. after decades of victoria's secret catalogs, all of a sudden you see this ad and you're going to feel bad about yourself? i have some advice. if you feel pad about your body -- bad about your body, don't open a victoria's secret catalog!
9:53 am
don't do it, these women are beautiful. >> i think maybe they should have just apologized. they were clearly feeling guilty for something -- >> yeah. >> but we can't figure out what that is. if they really want to make an impact, stop photoshopping. >> that's exactly right. >> you know why? because of dove, remember dove had that ad with women who were in their bra and panties, and they were larger-sized women? >> i loved that. >> they got celebrated, wow, that's so great -- >> it didn't work. >> i don't like putting pressure on corporations. why does victoria's secret have to be exactly like dove? they've been like this for decades. >> they know what works and what doesn't. >> it makes women think that that's what people look like, and that's not what they look like. >> that's not their job! they're a business. their job is to sell bras and lingerie. moving on. a film maker gearing up to go inside the belly of a snake. the latest reality tv stunt to watch a person eaten alive. why would anyone do this? >> money? >> kirsten's shaking her head.
9:54 am
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and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> we are going to get me
9:58 am
inside. we are going to make it a poling as possible. the snake has this big thing here and get a free meal. >> that was a clip from eaten alive. a new role etshow. a man who serves himself assan ana conneda for lunch. some say it is a publicity stunt and you wonder why would anybody want to do this. >> we are the end of the roman empure and don't realize it yet. the decline of culture. >> number one the snake would not eat the guy. >> and he has a little button. >> what if it doesn't work. >> the snake do is or maybe he does. >> i would think it would be
9:59 am
a shoes or hand bag. >> look at the tightrope walker. >> i couldn't watch that kind of stuff. it would be too scary to me and i don't understand, don't snakes strangle you first. >> no, i did home work. i know half of the country is not having lunch but the other is. gastric juices and enzymes of the naks belly break you down. i hope that suit is well maid. >> and to push it through the digestive. but it can take several day ands it li question foys you. >> he has a on a special suit. >> he could have come and stood in the window of outnumbered.
10:00 am
>> i couldn't find a tissue, harris. nlook at you. we are back on tv. >> look at you. "happening now"ing now starts right now. >> and a fox news aler. and another challenge to the law known as obama care. and this time, it is going to go in front of the supreme court. known as the burrwell case. congress wrote the law in such a way, only those states that set up insurance exchanges can collect subides or provide subides to individual policy holders. you know that only 14 states that set up their open exchanges and so in 36 states, the irs rowelled those people can collect the subides but the law doesn't read that way. that is a challenge and the supreme court agreed to hear


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